This importer makes it much easier to combine Terragen renders with Max/XSI 3d-objects.
 Animation script import has not been implemented yet, but time permitting, will be added at a later date.

 version 0.75b changes:
 - fixed a problem with non-square terrains
 - x64 version

file content
import camera-settings
create a simple water-plane
tg-worldfile to use

replace or add to scene

name of terrain

scale terrain

center pivot,
or it will be at [0,0,0]

generate normals

import sun (max, dreamscape, vray)

use tg-render settings
(size, pixelaspect)

 after import active view is set to camera-view (of imported camera)
 to get a perfect terragen/max(xsi) match import camera- AND render-settings, and dont use curved terrains!!
 if sun is imported as a dreamscape-sun, a dreamscape atmosphere is added (if not already there)
 if sun is imported as a vray-sun, a vray-sky is used as environment-map (only if this slot is empty)
 a tester reported crashes with xsi when importing a 2nd terrain (happens only on few machines)
 this is NOT plugin-related, xsi is also not a bug-free software :)